Aug 16, 2010

Deddy Paw

All over the world now there is a trend of making huge metal sculptures with fine finish and repeatetive motiffs. In India, Subodh Gupta is making huge sculptures made of steel untensils, in Indonesia, this trend is taken over by Deddy Paw, who uses steel apples. Apples, he says was the link between Adam and Eve, between good and evil and between knowledge and ignorance. Thus raising apples to the level of theatrical motif, Deddy Paw plants them in everything he can think of; in Buddha's hands, in front of gun, as a bullet, as balloons for children.

Deddy born in 1963, was initially associated with art direction for theatres and later shifted to making paintings and small scale sculptures. He also worked as a journalist. The concept of Apple was there in his earlier paintings also, but it was his steel scultpures of apples that brought him international recognition. Then in 2009, Deddy had his most successful exhibition in Singapore, outside Indonesia. Since the past two years Deddy has also been talking about socio-political issues that concern Indonesia.However his commentaries remain largely subtle, apolitical and mostly in the form of irony displayed through his works.