Mar 1, 2009

Bose Krishnamachari

Bose Krishnamachari is one of India's best known faces of modern art. Though primarily an abstarctionist, he had started initially as a painter of landscapes and figurative works and then shifted to making installations and abstracts. His works changed over time as Krishnamachari matured from a painter to a curator and a mentor for younger artists and a teacher all rolled into one.

Krishnamachari has painted on a wide range of subjects. In his early realistic works, Krishnamachari had painted scenes from his personal life in realistic photographic manner. He had also put up shows in memory of older artists like Pablo Picasso and Syed Raza. In these works he lifted images of the older artists’ works and juxtaposed them against other impressions.

An installation of Bose Krishnamachari

But what made Krishnamachari popular were his abstracts which showed a kind of rare luminescence. These were so popular that Krishnamachari later put the same colour scheme on installations too. His installations normally involve arrangement of objects painted in his trademark colour-scheme. His other installations and videos never became much successful.

Krishnamachari is known also for organizing skills. He has curated many shows of other artists, sat in jury for art fairs. He runs a group of Young artists in Mumbai called ‘Bombay Boys’ whose works Krishnamachari exhibits in an annual show in Indian major art centres.