Oct 20, 2009

Hayv Kahraman

Perhaps Iraq’s most famous artist of the time Hayv Kahraman was born in 1981. But she was brought up mostly in Sweden and then in United Sates. Her language of expression has therefore been very different from the other artists of middle east. Hayv Kahraman’s initial works had been influenced by the Oriental Ink work images and ceramic dolls. But her later works have shown more Western influence.

Kahraman’s works had been mostly about women of iraq and the issues related to them. Thus female infanticide, female circumcision, general oppression of women are her main subjects. Her works have never been known for style but more for the subject matters

Kahraman has held many shows but her recent shows show a marked departure from her previous works. In these new works, Kahraman has experimented with Text Portraits of.

Kahraman these days stays in New York.