Sep 24, 2009

Diana Al-Hadid

Diana Al Hadid is one of the youngest artists from Syria today to have obtained international recognition. Hadid’s works are three dimensional inspired by architectural styles of various periods which she uses all together to create fascinating architectural structures that do not have any resemblance to what exists in reality.

Hadid uses foam, plastic, polyester, cement, steel and almost anything else to create her structures. What distinguishes Hadid from other artists of her country is however not just the use of these myriad materials but her distinctive style, which rooted in her land and yet so wonderfully international.

Diana’s exhibition in new York titled Tower of babel had drawn immense attention in the year 2008. The show was the however the only major show any artist from Suria ever did in New York. Syria has a very nascent art market and it has led her to remain mostly outside her country.

Diana Al-Hadid works with Perry Rubenstein gallery and it is with this gallery that has been promoting her works. She stays mostly in new York.