Aug 12, 2010

Eddie Hara

Born in 1957 Eddie Hara is one of contemporary Indonesian art’s best names. Eddie Hara had initially started as a playful, colourist; influenced by the Fluxus movement of Europe, but later developed his own niche with a kind of art style which looks playful and has very funny titles. His works show mixture of folk characters, cartoons, comic strips, machines, gods; in other words anything and everything that Indonesian Society is all about.

Eddie Hara's works do not tell any definite story though the works consist of many images and narratives which jumble up into a chaos. They do not make any statement either. Thus Eddie Hara is one another artist emerging in the realm of “Art for Joy” philosophy which is now engulfing the whole world.

Eddie Hara has exhibited his works world wide and have been collected by many important collectors, museums from across the world. He presently lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.