Nov 30, 2009

Wafa Hourani

Wafa Hourani belongs to Palestine and he lives in Ramallah. Among the many well known artists of middle east, he is thus perhaps the only one who stays in his war torn country while practicing his art. Wafa Hourani is deeply affected by the crisis of the middle –east. His works are direct reflections of his times.

Hourani makes small miniaturized houses, city-scapes, out of card boards, wood, and other material. He then uses electrical circuits to light them and the resulting models look like cities at night affected by the scare of war. He also uses visual images through film rolls run constantly at the windows of his cardboard houses. In a way his works look apocalyptic and it is this very quality that makes his works so intensely attractive.

Hourani has exhibited in many countries outside Palestine and Middle-East. He has also worked with Charles Saatchi and his exhibition in London along with the other important artist of middle east had been very widely written about.